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At the Law Office of Robert B. Resnick, I bring experience and passion to every case.   I am a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer and family lawyer who has been practicing for more than thirty years, and I have the track record to prove how much I put into each and every case.  I will listen to your concerns and make sure you know what is happening with your case from start to finish, and I will treat your case with the attention and energy it deserves.  I realize that for every one of my clients, their case might be the most important part of their life at that time.

Domestic Violence

If you have been accused of a crime of domestic violence, there is every chance you are innocent.  In fact, the person who committed the crime might be the one accusing you.   You will need an aggressive and experienced domestic violence attorney who will fight for your reputation and your freedom.   I will also aggressively challenge any restraining order which has been filed against you. I am willing to take your case to a trial in front of a judge or jury.  I am a Florida criminal defense lawyer who will do whatever it takes to get the best result on your case.

DUI Lawyer

In Florida, driving under the influence is punishable by up to five years on the fourth conviction, fines, and community service and license suspension.  I have tried many DUI cases and will fight not just your conviction, but any related license suspensions.   These convictions can have a serious impact on your life and I will take your case to trial if you want to.

Family Law

During my time practicing, I have dealt with many issues in family law, including divorce, child custody and visitation.   I realize how emotional and stressful these cases are, and I stand firmly on your side as we work to get the best situation for you and your family. I will be as aggressive with family law cases as with a criminal cases, because the results are vitally important to your life.

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Whether you are facing a criminal accusation or you are enmeshed in a legal family matter, I will work to get the best situation possible.  For someone who has been fighting for you since 1982, call the Law Office of Robert B. Resnick today, the sooner the faster I can help.

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