Robert B. Resnick

Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Robert Resnick of the Law Office of Robert B. Resnick personifies his practice’s slogan “fighting for you since 1982.” The practice areas in which Robert focuses includes DUI cases as well as Florida criminal defense and family law.

The Rich Legal History of the Law Office of Robert B. Resnick:

Robert has worked on his clients’ behalf at the Law Office of Robert B. Resnick for over 34 years. Throughout this time, Robert has gained a vast array of experience throughout his years of practicing law. He has served as a DUI lawyer as well as a criminal defense attorney in addition to being a civil trial lawyer appellate practice. His goal is to serve his clients to the best of his legal ability, in many cases, obtaining the desired result for them in the courtroom.

Educational Background of Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Robert Resnick:

Robert’s impressive education began at the George Washington University in Washington, DC where he received a BA in journalism. He then went on to get his law degree at the John Marshall Law School. The John Marshall Law School, in Chicago, IL, was founded in 1899. This law school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association for Colleges and Schools. It is also fully accredited by the American Bar Association Section of the Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

What Robert’s Education Means for Clients of The Law Office of Robert B. Resnick:

Robert’s educational background gives him the tools he needs to conquer any legal situation he may face. This gives him an edge as he fights for his clients in the courtroom. Not only did his education prepare him for what was ahead, but his own personal history serving his community as a successful attorney has given him valuable real world history on which to draw. This, in turn, is advantageous for his clients today as they benefit from not only his experience fighting for clients as a lawyer but also his educational foundation.

Next Steps for Clients to Take:

Anyone who thinks they might have the makings of a case or need the help of an accomplished criminal defense attorney should contact the Law Office of Robert B. Resnick today. Family lawyer Robert and his team are ready to work on the behalf of their clients, striving tirelessly to obtain the results their client’s desire in the courtroom.

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