Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer

You’ve just been charged with a DUI, now what?

With the potential of a license suspension, heavy fines, the immobilization of your motor vehicle and jail, this is a time for action.

Attorney Robert Resnick The State of Florida will automatically suspend your driver’s license 10 days after your arrest. Act immediately and I will help you obtain a hardship permit to drive (you are eligible for this permit if your license was valid before you were arrested)

The State will prosecute you and you need a lawyer to defend you using the full force of the Constitution of the United States, modern tools of forensic science, and the legal expertise that comes from 29 years of practice in South Florida.

I will give you a free consultation and if you hire me I will give your case the personal attention you need from your lawyer. Fees for a first time DUI start as low as $750.00, excluding costs, and there are various payment options.

Remember, convicting you requires the State to prove its case. It is the State’s full burden. You are innocent until proven guilty. Let me make force the State do its job and fight for your freedom to drive, to work, to live.


Robert B. Resnick, Esq.

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