Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer

Family law in Florida is filled with emotionally charged situations. From the joys of marriage to the sorrow of divorce and the roller coaster of the adoption process, having a steady hand to guide you through the process will help. I am Robert Resnick of the Law Office of Robert B. Resnick, and I am here to provide that guidance with the help of a skilled Fort Lauderdale family lawyer.

Divorce, Separation and Custody Concerns from a Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer

When you are facing the realities of divorce or separation, your future is on the line. If you don’t get the right information and help, you could end up agreeing to a divorce decision that does not work in your favor. As you weed through the intense emotions of this time, you need to partner with an experienced Fort Lauderdale family lawyer.

As an experienced Florida family law attorney, I know how to protect my clients as they enter the divorce or separation process. I will help you look at all aspects of your divorce, including child custody and support concerns as well as your future financial success, so you can make wise decisions. I will also help you with visitation arrangements that protect your parenting rights and the safety of your children.

If you are already divorced but facing custody or visitation disputes, I am here to help. My experience with family law in Florida means I have seen all types of cases, and I can help you protect your children and your parenting rights.

Same Sex Marriage Services

For same sex couples, I offer the services of a family lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who can assist you with navigating this somewhat new field of law. I will use my experience and knowledge to help you get the rights law affords you as you seek to finalize your marriage.

Adoption Services from a Family Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Finally, I provide consultations and legal representation to clients seeking to grow their families through the beauty of adoption. The adoption road can be filled with legal pitfalls, both nationally and internationally, and I am here to provide the firm and knowledgeable guidance of a family lawyer. If you come upon a roadblock, I will use my experience and legal knowledge to make every attempt to challenge it, so you can get your adopted child home.

If you are facing any family law concerns, including adoption, divorce, separation, same-sex marriage or child custody, I will provide you with a free consultation to explain the facts and process ahead. Whether your case is fairly simple or filled with complexities, I have the knowledge and experience to fight for you. Schedule your free consultation with a skilled family lawyer with my Fort Lauderdale firm today.

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